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3 Ways to Quit Self-Doubt


Are you...

tired of looking at your influencers making a bigger impact in their community than you are in yours?

frustrated that you’re trying to be at that level but it just doesn’t seem like you’re there?

It’s never been easier to follow your influencers than it is today. And if you’re not careful, jealousy can easily creep up on you and put you in a mood so lousy that you can’t seem to focus on your own stuff for several days.

If you’ve been up at night wondering how to keep up with the endless competition and create your own unique vibe for your business, then read on.

Comparing yourself to your influencers
is like doubting your own abilities.

Of course, it’s a natural part of the creative process—doubt is equally present when you’re creating a business, creating a new career path, or embarking on a new chapter in your life.

Creating is like driving at night—you can see nothing but the lights in front of you. You can’t see what’s around you without the daylight. The uncertainty can be terrifying. What am I doing? Will I be at the top? Is the next step going to be where I fail miserably? Am I crazy? Is it too late to start over?

You know what I’m talking about—these questions are often daily thoughts in a creative entrepreneur’s mind. Doubt is powerful—especially when you let it consume your life. It’s also powerful when we’re trying to achieve something that we’ve never done before. There’s no genie to comfort us, to tell us that it’s possible. Hence, the uncertainty is even scarier.

When I made the choice to coach with no formal training, the doubt was overwhelming. I had dreams of teaching creative entrepreneurs to create a brand they love. I pictured clients being excited about something that they’d created on their own—I pictured myself as their genie, telling them that they’ve got this and I’ve got their back.

The truth? The success that you want can happen, but we create stories in our heads and let worst-case scenarios outweigh our potential. We let the future “what ifs” win out over our dreams.  

The real danger is that
we let doubt limit our futures.

Doubt is fear, and fear is what keeps us in our comfort zones. By doing this, we limit our potential. How can we stop this? What’s the solution to limit doubt in our lives?

Act less like a fortune-teller & more like a scientist.

It helps to approach creating from a more scientific perspective. Why? Because scientists don't guess—they test. They welcome failure as a potential outcome. The experiment may not confirm the hypothesis, but at least it will inform future experiments.

When trying something new like launching a program or a website for your upcoming business, do not let doubt stop you. Approach it like an experiment.

It won’t be easy, but it’s like a muscle that needs to be worked at. The more you practice this theory, the less your emotions will control you. If you fail, try again and work hard. If you succeed, work harder.

Doubt can be removed by action, and if you’re ready to move forward with ease, then read these 3 ways to do so:

What are your strengths?

  • I’m good at ___________________[ fill in the blank ]

  • People have told me that I’m good at ___________________[ fill in the blank ]

Look at it as an experiment.

  • List 2-3 things you’ve been meaning to try this year.

  • Choose one thing off the list, and go for it.

Let the Present lead you—not the future.

You will go through a lot of uncertainties, but if you embrace the unknown? It’ll make the process easier. You’ll stress less about things that are out of your control. And who knows? That thing you’ve always wanted to create could be done sooner than later.


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