You have One Chance to make
a strong impression 

We're living in a world where people are distracted—by noise, the latest trends, and the next best thing. Telling people what you do is not enough. Having a website or a social media platform is just the beginning. Getting noticed today in your business doesn't work the same way it used to. And, it's not going to get any easier.

People live in a world full of noise, and they don't need more 'marketing'—they need to feel like they matter in this world. People don't buy stuff—they buy what stuff does for them, like providing an experience, shared connection, or a feeling.

What you make and what you mean to your clients are two different things. You must take the unconventional route, rethink your strategy, and be bold—by turning your brand into an experience. It's all about storytelling, making memories, creating value, re-creating communities, taking risks, and cultivating long-lasting relationships—in a nutshell, making your brand worth talking about.

If you are;

  • Ready for your business to receive the attention, recognition, and praise that you’ve been working toward?

  • Tired of the competition, and doing what everyone else is doing?

  • Interested in creating an identity that will make an unforgettable impression?

  • Ready to get clear with your brand map (think fonts, photography, and content)?

  • A lover of good design with a serious appreciation for effective, sophisticated, and polished work.

You're in the right place


Nice to meet you! My name is Sara Borean and I believe in capturing and celebrating who you are, and what you do. I work with visionaries (like you) that want to take their brand to the next level. I build, develop and design brands that beautifully and accurately reflect you and your business.

My work is fueled by two themes in my life: striking design and endless possibilities. I create identities from a mixture of smart insights, beautiful typography, and exquisite images. Your personal brand—the beautifully designed identity that includes your logo, business card, social media and website—represents the life of your business, and if there’s one thing I believe design should do, it’s elevate the experience of being alive.

Long Version of my story

Just shy of six months old, Sara lost her hearing due to illness and medical complications. With support from family, audiologists, and doctors, she was able to get a cochlear implant so that she could hear.

At the time, the closest service was available in New York City—a little ways from her hometown of Toronto. Through frequently visiting the big city of NYC, Sara grew to love everything about it—the bustling lifestyle and fascinating culture drew her in—and she started creating art based on everything she was feeling and experiencing at the time.

As she grew older, she was encouraged by many supporters to pursue her passion for arts and design. While she struggled to hear and underwent never-ending speech therapy, she found that expressing her feelings through drawing, painting, and photography made sense.


She completed her Bachelors Degree, whilst simultaneously working for packaging companies specializing in candles and beauty products. Through this work, she was able to travel to Europe to attend trade shows and shop for the latest trends. These experiences helped Sara develop a greater understanding of sociology, as well as engaged her curiosity in the different lifestyles of different people. Since then, she has received her post-graduate Certificate in Web Design, which improved her understanding of user experience, usability, and technology.

Today, Sara works in a full-time agency during the day while working with visionaries on their brands at night. She thrives on brainstorming sessions, and believe that everyone has great ideas. She likes to bring fresh solutions to every and any challenge, and loves pushing envelopes. When she's not designing, she enjoy practising yoga, cooking, and traveling.