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3 Ways to Market Your Business


Two weeks ago, I shared some tools on transforming your passion into a business—with ease (you can read it here). Now you are ready to let the world know what you have to offer. You’re excited about collecting, capturing, and sharing. You may also feel nervous because you're unsure if your business will work. Maybe you’re confused about getting started or worried that you may not have the budget to market your business.

I’ve got you covered. I’m offering three simple tactics that will help you promote your business—without spending a dime.

Start Local

Do you have family & friends that may need what you offer?

I suggest starting with your warm market—people that you normally interact with on a daily basis, or have a comfortable relationship with where you can easily call them to say, “Hey!” without feeling awkward.

Generally, your warm market knows what you're up to, and may want to recommend your business to someone that they know who would benefit from what you offer. Most people think that they have to start big, which isn't necessarily true. It's okay to start small and make positive—and big—impacts on the people you already know. Your business will start to grow, and you'll get closer to where you want to be.

E-mail Campaign

Like Orange is the New Black, Email Campaigns are the New Social Media. (Cheesy, I know... but hey, they're back for the third season!)

It didn't take long for businesses to start promoting themselves on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram—and now, everyone’s doing it. It’s not the worst thing, but when you promote yourself on a social media platform, you have no control over how you want to promote your business except by following their rules. Their brand. Their system. Their layout.

Let’s say Facebook decided to shut down their system (very unlikely) and you had about a thousand fans “liking” your business page. If this happened and you had zero email subscribers? It wouldn’t be cool. You’d have no way to get in touch with your fans.

Starting an Email campaign allows you to make your own rules. There are free services such as Mailchimp where you can make some pretty cool designs + host giveaways for those who are interested in your business.

Social Media

Social media now connects people across the globe. Facebook alone has more than 1 billion worldwide users. Social media is changing the way we normally do business, and it’s evolving fast! I know that you want to grow your business and get known for what you do.

You can easily promote your business without spending a dime. Start by sharing on your personal page. Let people know what you’re up to, and your big mission. Open up a business page for those who seriously want to keep up with you. Social media does not need to be complicated or overwhelming—start with what you have, and encourage your tribe to join your mailing list, so that you can obviously make your own rules.


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