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4 Ways to Transform your Passion into a Business


"Sara is a creative force that you just want to join along for the amazing ride! She has inspired me to grow and best of all tap into creative wisdom I had no idea I had!"

Anna Swisterski  |  Photographer 

It’s a brand new start to the year, and you have a burning desire to make a big change. You want to start living your life fearlessly by doing what you love. You’re ready to serve others because you believe that your passion and talent will make the world a better place.

Transforming your passion into a business is easier than you think—whether you’re a yoga instructor, photographer, or a calligraphy artist, it’s possible.

In my Creative Coaching program, I offer 4 tips to help you get started:

How do you love to spend your time?

This may be an obvious one since you already have a passion, but what I mean by this question is: how do you love to spend your time helping others? Turning your passion into a business is about how you can serve others and how your clients will benefit from you.

This can be seen in a yoga instructor who was once (and always) a student. I remember the first time I tried yoga and left the studio asking myself: what the heck just happened? I wanted more—therefore, I furthered my education by taking every workshop, event, and teacher’s training I could. Every yogi’s story is different, but once you become a yoga teacher, you want to help the people who were once in your shoes see the light.

Put Yourself in their Shoes

This is one of the most challenging tasks in your business, but it’s the most rewarding of your entire passion-based business. Once you understand what your client needs, you will know how to serve them.

What is your customer’s dream when they work with you or purchase your product/service? It’s necessary to know who you’re speaking to, because not having a strategy is like driving to a destination without any directions. In my Creative Coaching program, I ask my clients a series of questions on their dream customer. The result? They get clear on what they want, and how to put themselves out there when speaking to their dream clients.

Be Brave About Who You Are

You are going to go through roadblocks, frustration, and madness—but that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love to do. It’s knowing how to work with yourself and being brave about who you are that will get you to where you want to go.

I always ask my clients: what barriers or obstacles are preventing you from growing your business? It’s quite surprising to hear similar answers, especially from those with very different passions.

At the end of the day, you have to pick yourself. Acknowledge to yourself that you are making a difference in your world and in the world of your clients and customers. Be brave about who you are. 

It's Okay to Play Small

Wait a minute, shouldn’t you play big? Yes, you’re absolutely right, but it’s okay to play small—here’s what I mean. I’m assuming you have lifestyle and business gurus like Melanie Duncan, Kathryn Budig, or Marie Forleo that you look up to and that inspire you.

But, do you ever start feeling bad about not being where you want to be? It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap and get stuck. You start to feel as if you’re not enough, which is so untrue. Please understand that your influencers also started from nothing, and worked their way to be where they are right now.

They started small—and it’s okay to play small. Work with a small amount of people and make their lives meaningful by offering what you have. Treat your business like a big deal, because eventually, your business will grow and attract where you want to be.


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