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I tell it all: Steal My One Year Anniversary


I believe that when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and share yourself authentically, you fall in love with your imperfectly perfect self. The outside noises of self-doubt, judgement, or resentment suddenly become a whisper, and don’t apply to your life anymore.

My mission is simple: To inspire, to inspire. To share, to inspire. To love, to inspire. In other words, to help you embrace the path you’re on right now.

Here’s My Story

Today marks my one-year anniversary since I completed my 200-hour yoga certification through Power Yoga Canada in Picton, Ontario. Two hours away from Toronto, for two weeks, I cried, laughed, and met 53 inspiring, empowering yogis, including 4 amazing teachers, who guided us toward realizing the potential in ourselves. Today was the day I was leaving Picton, and the day my life forever changed.

I still can’t believe how powerful the experience was—because of that experience, I’m no longer the victim of my own stories.

For the longest time, I kept blaming people for not understanding or accepting who I was. What I didn’t realize was that I didn’t accept who I was.

For those who don’t know me, I wear a cochlear implant to help me hear.

Long story short, I lost my hearing when I was six months old due to multiple illnesses and medical complications. With support from my family, audiologists, and doctors, I was able to get a cochlear implant so that I could hear. At the time, the closest service was available in New York City—a little ways from my hometown of Toronto. Through frequently visiting the big city of NYC, I grew to love everything about it, like the bustling lifestyle and fascinating culture, and I started to create art based on everything I was feeling and experiencing at the time.

At a young age, I discovered a natural-born artistic skill that has been a blessing throughout my life. It made sense to express my feelings through drawing, painting, and photography. As I grew older, I was encouraged by my many supporters to pursue my passion for arts and design.

My yoga journey began when I felt tired, unmotivated, and uninspired. I was working long hours in a highly demanding field —where it seems project deadlines are never-ending and need to be moved along quicker than a drive-thru lineup at Tim Hortons—and it was exhausting. The way I felt—I became miserable, but I knew that there had to be a way to love myself again.

I thought that yoga would be a great way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. What I didn’t know is how it would change my life. I signed up for a 40-Day Program where I practiced six times a week, meditated daily, and met with a group once a week to share personal reflections. During this time, I learned that I have the choice to create joy in my life.

Yoga taught me to seek the truth that I had been hiding from for too long, and to stop blaming things that aren’t in my control. Yoga taught me to love myself again by accepting who I am as a person.

The next thing I knew, I had signed up for teacher’s training.

It was a lot of money. It was scary. And looking back, I was worried what people would think— that I’m insane for taking teacher’s training, that I’m wasting money, yadda yadda yadda... I still did it, and it was the best investment I’ve ever made in my entire life.

During teacher’s training, we all had the opportunity to get up and teach a sequence to the whole class. The idea of doing it was nerve-wracking—What if I make a mistake? What if people laughed? All these excuses kept popping up, so I tried to duck my head and avoid being called out—which, of course, didn’t work for long.

My name was called and my first thought was, “oh f***.” I got to the front of the class, and began the sequence. Subconsciously, I was still hiding in the corner— all I remember is that my lip was twitching, and it was extremely annoying. Kinndli, the co-founder of PYC, interrupted and asked me one simple question: What’s holding you back?

I was shocked and stunned. It took me a couple of minutes to think about how to answer that question. Finally, I realized what it was. Growing up with a hearing impairment, I’ve always had a teacher who I would meet with on a weekly basis for lessons on grammar, speaking, homework, and a bunch of other stuff. I always had someone around to support and lead me. Kinndli responded—and I’ll never forget this—Sara, it’s your time to lead.


Of course, I cried. But it was a good kind of cry—the kind of cry that I needed. I became free from what had been holding me back for so long. I’m not saying that everyone should do yoga teacher’s training, but if you’re looking to change your life, you should consider it with your own judgement. Do what feels right for you!

From a young age, we learn from our families and elders what’s right or wrong—the proper way to do things—get an education, find a career, have a family and so on. We become accustomed to what society tells us to do, and when we do something that is out of the norm... the world tells us not to do it. Whether it’s based on fear or because they care and don’t want to see us get hurt—acknowledge what they’re telling you, but listen to your heart. Ultimately, it’s your life. Even if it sounds crazy or insane, if it feels right, do it anyways.

My yogA path took me on an unexpected path.

I had thought I would change careers to become a full time yoga instructor and leave my creative side to be pursued part time. But, the coin flipped, and I found my creative spark again.

I started working with like-minded women who are game-changers, entrepreneurs, and wanting to make a difference in this world. Women who want to be their own boss, have financial freedom, grow their business, and live the best life possible.

I believe that we all have the opportunity to shine like sunlight touching the world. I do this by helping and guiding creative entrepreneurs to explore their potential and create a business worth loving. I build, develop, and design brands that beautifully and accurately reflect your life and business.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Hopefully I inspired you to make a change, so that, like me, you can embrace where you are now and where you will be a year from today.


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