About the Creative Process


Think of me as your long-term support that helps you bring your vision into reality. We work together on exploration, brainstorm-sessions, and ideas for your brand — my role is to take away your frustration and keep it simple. I guide, support, and care about what you do and why you’re doing what you doing. Through our process, I create and design smart, ground-breaking and creative solutions to grow your business — so that you have time to do things that matters.

My creative process is not about getting the project done — it’s about the opportunity to create a strong connection with what you do and your audience. I’m not into corporate, or rigid procedures — I want our environment to be open, creative and free where we can express our individual self. I thrive in brainstorm sessions as I believe everyone has great ideas, but also work independently. My creative process is about YOU having a voice in your brand and design — that will position you as admired leader and see the value that you provide.


Throughout our time together, we’ll meet via Skype to touch base on the project, brainstorm, and strategize. By having the right strategy paired with a smart design you can connect much more easily with your audience, build authority, and grow your client base.

Think of our creative process as an investment in the future of your business.