Sara is a joy to work with! I came to Sara because we needed new Facebook ads for our program launch. I was really impressed by how professional she was, as well as her ability to present and deliver the stunning work on time. I look forward to working with her again!



Sara was awesome! I hired her to develop a cutting-edge infographic, and the final result legitimized my podcast market research, and gave me something tangible and professional to show prospective advertisers. She is wonderful, easy to communicate with, and really understood my needs!


Sara translated my emerging brand story and colour and pattern preferences into a beautiful, inspiring and coherent brand that is reflective of who I am and where I want to go. She is a patient, positive and collaborative partner who measures her success by yours.



Sara has helped me unleash my creative power and confidence! Four months of working with Sara, I cleared all the shit that didn’t make me feel good, and that stood in my way. I got aligned with what feels good, created a new roadmap and vision for my brand. Sara is no bullshit kinda gal. She is rooted in integrity and create tangible and actionable steps to get you on your way.

Anna Swisterski
Lifestyle Photographer


I have no background in business, but talking to Sara was exactly what I needed to make me realize that I already had potential within me. She is grounding, supportive, honest and realistic (which is exactly what you need in a business coach) yet so inspiring! I was lit up after speaking with her for our initial consultation and have already started putting my business in the works! She allows you to see your dreams are a lot closer than you think they are, and she'll help you realize them every step of the way. Thanks Sara!

Marie Leung
Founder of Heartfelt Yoga


Sara is a visionary and an expert in meeting your design and branding needs. Not only does she create beautiful images but she helps you find your entrepreneurial clarity with her know-how and her naturally creative intuition. Sara has helped me understand branding and create images that represent my message. It is an honour to work with such amazing talent!

Lauren MacKenzie
Yoga Teacher


Sara is an exceptionally talented artist with a keen sense of style and a creative eye for design. Not only is she thorough and attentive to her client's needs, her ideas and approach to achieving one's branding potential are both inspiring and refreshing. She motivates and really pushes you into realizing your visions – combining this with her expertise, she is such a joy to work with!

Catty Chan
Pastry Chef of Catisserie

Before I hired Sara, I was frozen in fear. I wanted to create a website that would represent the true authentic me to future clients. I was afraid to hire a web designer: would they understand and create something that represented me? 
Sara came with her questionnaires and took the time to know me and my message. She asked for my opinion and approval on everything from fonts, colours to copy. She listened to me when I spoke and turned my words into reality. Sara is professional, organized and produced my website in a timely-manner. I will continue to keep her on my team as well refer her to others!

Belinda Ginter
Emotional Kinesiologist


When you first start your business, there is so much free advice out there. Get your website going, start a blog; No, wait, you have to brand yourself but first you should... You see where I am going with this and if you were like me, you may not know where to start. I needed concrete simple step by step directions that I could follow where I would see action. That is where Sara steps in!

Sara coaches with practical easy advice that helps foster a business and a brand that you love. She started by helping me move out of my fear of starting a blog. Then, without even noticing, I had created a website that I had been hesitating to create for a year! I am so grateful that I met Sara and you would be incredibly lucky to work with her.

Kelly Fernandes
Health & Wellness Expert


Sara is talented and a passionate individual who practices what she preaches! I loved her honesty and candid approach to branding your business. While working with Sara, I developed a better understanding of what I wanted my brand to stand for, and my ideal clients.