5 days + 5 emails total
Worksheets + Daily Exercises

Tools for getting started, and making your business stand out.


DAY 1 - Learn the basics on branding and why it matters in your business. Plus, get clear on what you're meant to do in this world.

DAY 2 Learn what it takes to stand out in a competitive world—and tools to stay focused.

DAY 3 Uncover your brand style (my fav!) and how to create a distinctive identity without blowing your budget.

DAY 4 - How to create meaningful content that will make a difference, and capture the right kind of audience.

DAY 5 - Learn the secrets of having a successful business—and discover what works for you, and your business.

PLUS - Surprises, sweet bonuses, updates, and brand tooltips for your thriving business. 

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