anna Swisterski


Tell us a bit about you! Who are you, and what do you do?
My name is Anna Swisterski and I'm a photographer. My business is Soul Photo Junkie and I believe a photograph paints a picture of a person in this moment revealing their authentic selves.


Where were you before we worked together?
I had a camera and a vision of creating a business, but no idea how to move forward.


Why did you decide to work with me?
Your branding had clarity written all over it. At the time of feeling stuck, I believe the main thing that was missing for me was clarity on how to move forward.


What would you say if you were recommending a friend to work with me?
Sara is fierce. She has an innate ability to give you tangible and actionable steps to bring your vision and why you do what you do to life.  She gives you concrete tools on how to move forward with this and strategically holds you accountable.


What were your breakthroughs?
Falling in love with my vision and with my brand. Creating tangible and actionable steps to move forward and developing a confidence that allows me to gain momentum in my biz.


What are your takeaways working with me?
Understanding why I do what I do and creating the foundations of my brand. Learning how to hold myself accountable. Before working with Sara, I had no trust in keeping my own word to myself. This left me stuck, procrastinating and feeling lazy.


If I had only one word to describe Sara, it would be...


What was your favourite part working with me?
I looked forward to getting an email every week with a particular lesson/exercise to implement into my biz. This was a very concrete and tangible way to gain momentum in my biz. I also, looked forward to Sara emailing me to check and see if the work was done.


How have you applied the strategies you’ve learned?
The biggest strategy that I have implemented is showcasing my brand through promotions. This gave me a clear and direct way of attracting new clients and having the confidence to photograph them in my own unique way.                                     


How do you feel right now?


What's next for you?
Taking my biz to the next level. Creating a workflow with strategic systems to create new space to take on more clients.