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Your Hustle is Boring: It's Time to Create a System


Have you ever looked back on your week and realized you’ve worked your ass off but you're not really sure what you’ve accomplished?

I have… and I know, it sucks!

This year, I decided to change that story, and it started with 12 Week Year by Brian Moran—which has completely changed the way I look at productivity and systems. I’ll share more in detail about the book in another time—but today I want to talk about systems that’ll do the hustle for you.

Not the other way around, because frankly—the hustle is frustrating, overwhelming, and boring! We need to do work that matters and excites us. To do this, we need to create a system that controls our time, and projects that repeats.

5 systems that will hustle for you

Batch Content
Recommendation: Google Docs + Evernote

Unless you’re a reporter for a major company, it’s smart to write your content in batches—rather than submitting your report just before midnight. 

Remember that if you don’t Prioritize your life someone else will. 
- Greg McKeown

Try this: Prioritize your time such as blocking 3-hours per week to sit down and write content (blogging, podcast, etc.) You can even block an hour per day to focusing on email. The key is to have a system for things that requires your time.


Email Autoresponder
Recommendation: Mailchimp (Paid Feature)

Let’s just say that your favourite social media platform decided to go away and you lose your 1,000+ fans? You would freak out. I know I would. Having an opt-in allows you to have more control in how you want to connect with your tribe. 

An email autoresponder allows to introduce new subscribers to your business—it automatically follows up after they’ve sign up or a purchase. Having this feature has been a game-changer, because I no longer have to worry about follow-up, and keeping up.

You Can: Create a series of emails that your customers would appreciate from you. It can be simple as 5-Day Program or a weekly email that introduces your business.


Calendar Schedule
Recommendation: Calendly

Live long the days of the mouse and cat game!

Adding Calendly to my system has been a game-changer. Whenever I get an email from a prospect, and they’d like to chat—I send them a link to choose a time that works for them, and then I get an email notification. It’s that simple.

It’s a great tool to have because you control how you want to spend your time. For me—I know that I can only handle one prospect calls a day in order to make my day efficient. In addition, I work best in the morning so if I want to show up at my best, it makes sense that I have my prospect calls just before noon.


Social Media Schedule
Recommendation: Edgar

Social media is dangerous tool because we can easily go on Facebook or Instagram—and find ourselves scrolling mindlessly for 20 minutes.

Do the math: 20 minutes per day for a week, you’ve wasted 140 minutes (or 2.33 hours). That’s 7 hours in a month, which makes it 84 hours a year—your precious 3.5 days gone.

Now I don’t want to make you feel depressed, because social media is a great marketing tool to promote your business.

To take social media seriously, Meet Edgar—a social platform that’ll change the way you socialize. The process is simple: you create a library of content and choose what social network you’ll like to post it on (Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.) You can also choose at a random time or a specific time. The best part? The cycle gets repeated every day—unlike most free providers like Hootsuite.


Client Onboard
Recommendation: Typeform

Before you arrange a consultation, you’d want to know (a) who you’re speaking to, (b) what they’re looking for, and (c) if this person is the right fit.

It’s important to do the research before having a consultation, because the last thing you want is to waste your time (and their time.) Typeform is a great tool to have for people to submit their answers, so that you can have a general idea of who they are, what they do, and expectations.

For example: In my form, I like to know their budget and time-frame because I look for serious business builders that will respect my service, the value I provide, and understand the process. The questions help me determine who is the right fit for my business.

Having a system is like having a virtual assistant that gives you the information that you need in order to move forward. 

It’s about how to get the right things done, not about getting more things done.

It’s about making the investment of your time and energy doing work that matters, and not about doing less.

Don't just hustle to hustle, HUSTLE for the right reasons.


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