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What’s the meaning of Luxury?


Disclaimer: I rewrote this post five times. 


[noun] The state of great comfort and extravagant living.
[adjective] Luxurious or of the nature of a luxury.

At first glance, luxury seems like something that is enjoyed by certain people and not by others. It seems like it only speaks to those who have privileges that most people don’t. I used to believe luxury was something that only a few could ever experience because you needed money. I used to believe that you needed lots of money to experience the things you want. 

Then I realized—it doesn’t have to be that way. Anyone can live in luxury. It’s all in how you define your luxury.

There’s a beautiful movement happening where we’re shifting our perspective from acquiring things to acquiring experiences. Our luxury is focused less on the infamous “Jones”, and more on our personal quality of life. This excites me because the experiences we face last a lifetime longer than purchasing a materialistic item. 

I realized

...that in today’s world we have the need to see things.

...To understand art.

...Drink deeply of what’s available in today’s world.

The old definition of unattainable luxury no longer applies. In its purest form, luxury is about the enjoyment of life. (Tweet this)

I recently read an article called “Buy Experiences, Not Things” written by James Hamblin from The Atlantic. It talked about living in the moment and how spending money on experiences such as a trip or concert provides more happiness than possessions do. Hamblin says, “Research has also found that people tend to be more generous to others when they've just thought about an experiential purchase as opposed to a material purchase.” This statement resonated with me because when you define your luxury, and what you want to do in life, you naturally become wealthy.

Not because you have the money to do so—it’s merely the fact that you appreciate the meaning of life, and the experiences that come along with it. You become grateful and generous. You tend to look on the positive side. Choose to see the beauty in the world. There’s joy in everything that you do. You feel excited and have a sense of thriving.

Luxury - in this context - is amazing. Because this is something that cannot be bought in a store - it’s something that comes from within you. It’s the experiences that led you to where you are today - whether you believe it or not – that have made you wealthy. You just need to be grateful for what you have, right now in this moment.

The reason I bring this topic up is because we’re only a few weeks away from Christmas. This means excessive spending on gifts, last minute shopping, eggnogs, annoying holiday ‘jingle bells’ songs, visiting family + friends, and of course, new years!

This season may seem like a crazy, busy time.

It seems natural to feel a little bit overwhelmed - due to excessive baking and/or cooking, spending on food, booze and/or gifts... you name it. It’s one thing to the next.

But, it shook me! We have a choice not to feel this way and rather look at the spending as an experience.

You are choosing to 

...bake or cook for the people you love.

...spend money on dining and wine because it’s a way to spend the best times with your friends & family. (or make) gifts because it’s your way of giving to the world. all of these things because you are in the spirit.

Stop self-sabotaging yourself. It’s truly a wonderful time to spend time with the people you love. It doesn’t matter how much or little you spend, what matters is how you perceive the world. You’re your appreciation to the world. Share your gratitude. Be thankful for what you have. Anything from the heart is way better than how much you’ve spent.

Choose to in the moment. with the people that you love.

...laugh, dine and wine.

...spend late nights skating, drinking hot chocolate, or checking out that ballet show.

...see the goodness of what the world has to offer.

...set your business on snooze to spend time on yourself. in the spirit - because my friend - this season only happens once a year.

The moral of this post, you might ask? Luxury does not come in bills or coins. It comes from within you and your choice to live in the moment. Luxury is about appreciating the experiences that come with life. You can live in luxury every single day by giving thanks to the life that you were given.


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