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Choose Your Truth


Sometimes you go down a path that you think is right for you, only to discover that you’re meant to take a different one.

Over the past year, I’ve been fascinated with women in business, all doing amazing things. As of late, I’ve been more fascinated with those who’ve taken a different path, which - in my eyes - makes them even more awesome.

Seeing the drastic difference, I’m inspired to choose a path that’s right for me. I choose my happiness, passion, and more importantly - my truth.

The Truth About Blogging

As much as I’ve enjoyed writing for the past 52 weeks, I feel that it’s time to change my perspective. I find writing weekly for blogs is both therapeutic and stressful. There were weeks where I had no fucking idea (and yes - I just said the F word) what to write or asked myself if this post was educational and authentic.

The first 6 months were - literally - trial and error. I had no idea what I was writing, for whom, and for what. As time progressed, I became more clear, and enjoyed writing. I did it because this was something I’ve always wanted to do, and it felt good for my business - to help others realize their potential to live the life they dreamed of.

Towards the last 6 months (September until now), I spoke the truth. I dropped the ‘shoulds’ to share what I felt. I began to write what I was learning so I could teach others - in the hopes to inspire others.

Blogging to the Next Level

I’ve decided that I will blog bi-weekly. This may seem like a shock (or not) however the truth has been chosen. Writing is taken to the next level, and this next level allows space for me to do what I want to do. It won’t be forever - but this is something that I need to do at the moment.

I'm excited for my next adventure, and I hope that you will be too! 

My promise to You

I plan to write - only it will take a different approach. It will be a mix of biztalk, people you meet, inspiration + photo journals. I will also be sharing my brand + design tips to my newsletter subscribers. I’m a creative person and I feel the need to express myself with:

















I’m not sure if this is a big leap but all I know - no matter how small or big - it’s a leap that will guide me confidently in the direction of my big vision. Magic happens on the other side of your comfort zone.



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