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Are We There Yet?


I remember those car rides as a kid when my brother would pass out within 5 minutes and my eyes would be wide open like an owl. Watching and analyzing every detail on the streets, waiting for the light to turn green, writing down every license plate... or, if we were driving along the countryside, daydreaming. Let’s just say that I kept myself entertained growing up.

Do you also remember yourself as a kid, sitting in the back seat, asking your parents, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” The long dreaded drive to that final destination—you just want to be there or simply get out of the car because you’re so bored. Even though I kept myself entertained, I was pretty impatient.

As I’ve gotten older, I never realized that the four words would signify so many meanings—especially if you’re running a business, pursuing your passion, or on a mission. You just want to be there!

When you start taking your business seriously, you’ll find it’s like being on a rollercoaster. You will experience all kinds of emotions that are definitely outside of your comfort zone. It’s all up to you how you want to take it.

There are three options:

  • Avoid the ride (and keep doing what you’re doing)

  • Suck it up and go on the ride (even though you feel anxious or nervous)

  • Get excited to try something new (because you love the adrenaline)

If you are like most people, you will realize that the big scary ride was fun and you’d like to go on the ride again and again.

So, are we there yet?
Wherever you are in life—working on your business, pursuing your passion, or on a mission—it’s the ride that gets you to your destination.

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I have a vision of where I want to be and now I understand that I’m part of a journey that will get me there. All I can do is embrace the path that got me to where I am today. Here are some—but not all— things to appreciate:

  • Started blogging for my business, so that I can share my knowledge and my readers can create better and more successful businesses.

  • Joined an amazing team who are crazy passionate about financial freedom, business, health, and freedom. All located in the GTA!

  • Getting mentored by top female entrepreneurs who are making 6-to-7 figures and have businesses that are flying off the roof. I’ve been using their strategies to help me elevate my business to where I want to be (& more importantly, I’m teaching you what I’m learning!)

  • Re-designed my website with a clearer purpose and design that reflects who I am

  • To celebrate my 27th birthday, I hired a photographer to take pictures for my website. She also brought a friend with her to do my make-up and hair. The best birthday gifts I’ve given to myself: amazing pictures and two amazing friends!

  • Visited Salt Lake City, Utah with my amazing tribe, made friends, and connected with so many inspiring people. And oh yeah, met Anthony Robbins!

  • My business partner and friend Geralyn and I had an idea to work together and co-host an event—as a result, Wine, Dine & Redefine was born. And it was at The Drake, voted second hottest place in the city by Vogue.

There is so much more to appreciate, and that was only a glimpse of 2014. Looking back and seeing myself write this article, I truly appreciate and embrace the path that I’m on right now. It took a lot to get here and the journey doesn’t end—it keeps going. Ride after ride. Lights after lights. License plate after license plate. The only thing is that now I’m doing it—I’m no longer daydreaming of getting to my destination.

Maybe “Am I there yet?” really means that “I’m already there”.


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